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American Association of University Women – Austin, TX Branch
Membership Renewal Form 2018-19

Please either complete the membership renewal form online below and pay dues online via PayPal (if so, please add $1.00 convenience fee to your dues payment)

Click here to download out Austin RENEWAL_2018-19 membership form

Make checks payable to AAUW-Austin and mail check to:
Linda A. Welsh, 11205 Terrace Bluff Drive; Austin, TX 78754
(All but $3.00 of National dues is tax deductible)

NOTEPersonal contact and degree information is required for AAUW,
but you may specify Permission to Publish in newsletter and yearbook.

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  • AAUW/Local Funds donations

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  • Local Donations :Austin Branch Operating Funds (Austin)
    These are not tax-deductible.

  • AAUW Funds - To support your favorite AAUW programs with tax-deductible gifts, including the new unrestricted AAUW FUND, please see information on our website page at, or go directly to
  • Please check your listing in last year's yearbook and please fill in below if there have been any changes to your information in the past 12 months. If not, please provide your digital signature at the bottom of this page.

  • If "Other," please specify the information you wish to keep private and not publish.