National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL)

Seeing the need for a leadership space dedicated to empowering collegiate women, the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders was founded nearly 40 years ago. Since that time, NCCWSL has become a life-changing event that has impacted hundreds upon hundreds, if not thousands, of attendees.

During the conference, participants have the opportunity to build their leadership skills across five core learning objectives:

  • Leadership Development: Develop and strengthen a voice, skill set, and mind-set for leadership
  • Professional Development: Build a professional tool kit for postgraduate life
  • Activism: Learn how, why, and when to take action and be a change maker
  • Women’s Issues: Gain a better understanding of local, national, and global issues and policies affecting women and of AAUW’s role in empowering women
  • Identity and Diversity: Own their personal identities and roles in increasing and supporting diverse voices

Slated for May 25 and 26, this year’s conference is going to be held virtually rather than in-person, and AAUW Austin is planning to fund four (4) attendees.

There will be a short application and remote interview process. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. These do not necessarily need to be individuals already involved in student leadership. The goal is to guide and inspire.

Further information about NCCWSL and this year’s conference is available on the AAUW website at

Questions regarding the AAUW Austin NCCWSL scholarship program should be sent to

The AAUW Austin NCCWSL 2021 scholarship submission deadline is March 31, 2021. Download an application here.