2015-2016 Branch Programs

2015-2016 AAUW Austin Branch Programs:

August 16 (Sunday), 3:30-5:30 PM – Annual Summer Membership Social, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 2128 Barton Hills Drive; Contact: Elaine Penn

September 12 (Saturday), 10:00 AM“Driving Around in Circles: Austin Traffic” – Dr. Jennifer Duthie, Norris Center, Northcross Mall, 2525 W Anderson Lane, Suite 540; Contact: Janani Janakiraman

October 10 (Saturday), 10:00 AM“Women and Children Caught in the Middle” – Martha Dickie, ACC, Eastview Campus; Contact: Mary Ellen Scribner

November 18 (Wednesday), 10:00 AM“The Ups and Downs of Austin Politics”– Ken Herman, Austin Woman’s Club; Contact: Jean Bessent

December 13 (Sunday), 3-5:00 PM – Holiday Social, Austin Federation of Women’s Clubs; Contact: Ines Garcia and Anita Knight

January 9 (Saturday), 10:00 AM“Important Issues of our Community: HIV, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health” – Dr. Michele Rountree, ACC, Eastview Campus; Contact: Myrtle Bell

February 17 (Wednesday), 10:00 AMChallenges, Strengths in Austin Public Schools Today” – Jennifer Griffis, Dr. Jennifer Holmes, and Dr. Barbara Ten Brink, Austin Woman’s Club; Contact: Judy Reinhart

March 9 (Wednesday), 10:00 AMSexual Violence on College Campuses” – Dr. Leila Wood, Norris Center at Northcross Mall, ; Contact: Ruth Rubio

April 13 (Wednesday), 10:00 AM“Mindfulness: It’s Not What You Think” – Jenn Fairbank and Erika Marcoux, Austin Woman’s Club; Contact: Janie Alonzo and Barbara Worley

May 14 (Saturday), 10:00 AM – The University of Texas Fellowships, Officer Installation, & Memorials; Norris Center, Northcross Mall; Contact: Joyce Pulich