Board, Bylaws, Forms

AAUW Austin Branch Board of Directors for 2016-17

Marina Rivers, Pam Wolfe, Resa Dunn, and Marsha Endahl Kramer

Marina Rivers, Pam Wolfe, Resa Dunn, and Marsha Endahl Kramer – Branch and AAUW-TX Leaders

Executive Committee

Co-Presidents: Marina Rivers and Marsha Endahl Kramer
Program Vice President: Judy Reinhart
Membership Vice President: Elaine Penn
Secretary: Resa Dunn
Treasurer: Kathy Robertson

Standing Committees and Appointed Offices

Bylaws Co-chairs:  Pam Wolfe and Janie Maldonado
AAUW Funds Co-hairs:  Debbie Starr and     Anita Knight
Historian:  Dr. Kay Keys
Hospitality Chair: Diane Brewer
Interest Groups Coordinator:  Brenda Hahne
Newsletter Editor:  Anita Knight
Parliamentarian/Bylaws & Standing Rules:  Janie Maldonado
Public Policy Chairs:  Jean Bessent and Sylvia Garcia

Appointed Off-Board Positions

AAUW-TX liaison:  Marina Rivers
Archivist:  Larayne Dallas
Girlstart/Latinitas Liaison/Women’s Issues:  Lilac Bauer
College/University Partners:  Soon Merz (ACC), Dr. Molly Beth Malcom (ACC), Dr. Soncia Reagins-Lilly (UT), Cristina Bordin (St. Edward’s)
Mainspring Schools Advocacy Chair:  Janie Maldonado
Newsletter Distribution:  Betty Schmidt
Sunshine:  Larie Amsler
UT Fellowships Chair:  Jean Bessent
Web/PR Team:  Janani Janakiraman, Anita Knight, Soon Merz,  Vandana Nayak
Yearbook Editor:  Ines Garcia

Current Bylaws of the Austin Branch of AAUW (linked here):  Austin_TX_Bylaws_2014

Current Policies of the Austin Branch of AAUW (linked here):  Feb. 2015 Revised Policies

Current Timeline of the Austin Branch of AAW (linked here):  BRANCH CALENDAR – MAJOR ACTIVITIES

Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification form (linked here):   TX Sales Tax Exemption Certificate_2017 – use to save TX sales tax on branch purchases

Expense report form for submission to Treasurer:  AAUW_Branch_Expense_report